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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Before sending a message to us, please make sure to check
the few frequently asked questions listed below. Most of the
questions we receive already have answers on this page.

Registration Questions

Q:  What is the cost of a portrait session?
A:  As stated on this website's home page, "On two Saturdays each month we offer Eagle Scout Portrait Days. On those days we wave our normal sitting fee and take portraits of all of the Scouts who have recently earned their Eagle rank" at no costs to the Eagle Scout or his parents and no requirement to buy anything. These portrait sessions must be scheduled through this website. Do not email or call for these sessions but reserve a date/time through the Schedule tab. If desired, there are several different print packages that may be purchased. Just remember, no purchase is required.
Q:  Can we schedule a session on a day other than during one of the Eagle Scout Saturdays?
A:  Portrait sessions may be scheduled for days/times other than during one of the Eagle Scout Portrait Days for a fee of $65 for the one head and shoulders Eagle Scout pose. However, if you cannot attend on a Saturday due to religious observance, we can schedule on a Sunday following an Eagle Scout Saturday and there will be no session fee. Longer sessions are also available for in-studio or on-location sessions having multiple poses and outfit changes. I am also available to come to your site and make portraits of Cubs and their families at Webelos Crossing-Over Ceremonies or Courts of Honor. If desired, I can do on-site printing so that people can walk out with large prints of themselves at the end of the event. Contact us with your requirements so that we can provide an appropriate quote and/or session time.
Q:  Can I make changes to my information after registering?
A:  Yes. Just save the email with the confirming link in it. You can click on that link any time and it will always return you to the same registration page. You can even change your portrait session time to another time that is open. When you link to or refresh the confirming page, it will always show you the current information we have for your session. Also, if you lose the email with the link, just start the schedule registration process again on the same day as before. It will not open a new form but will take you back to your original registration confirmation. However, changes made after 4 p.m. the day before your session are ignored.
Q:  Do I need to fill in all of the information on the Portrait Session registration form?
A:  No, the last 7 fields are optional. They are needed only if you want this information and your photo submitted to the Dallas Morning News. Remember to accurately input your mobile phone number and home address. If you should buy copies of your son's portrait, this information is used for delivering the prints to you.
Q:  How detailed should the description of my Eagle Project be?
A:  The description of the Eagle Project is used only to provide information to the Dallas Morning News. About the longest description they every use is 22 words, and they usually describe the project in well under 18 words. While Eagle.Photography will submit whatever you have submitted, the DMN will typically edit it down to under 20 words. To keep your entry short, do not repeat information already entered in other fields such as name, unit, etc.
Q:  I filled out the information on the Confirmation Page but don't seem to be registered yet. Why is that?
A:  There could be two different reasons for not yet being registered:
(1) After filling out the form, you MUST click on the red button at the bottom of the webpage that says, "Update Event Registration." Clicking on this button is what transmits your information to us.
(2) If after clicking on the red button there is a red box at the top of the page informing you of information still needed for registration, the registration has not been recorded because all of this mandatory information has been entered and submitted. Enter the rest of the mandatory information and click on the "Update" button again and your registration will go through.
Q:  What happens if I have to miss my session?
A:  We understand that situations change. There is no problem with canceling a session date and rescheduling on another date as long as you remember to cancel the appointment you can't make before the date/time of the session. Just go back to the session confirmation page and indicate that you will not be attending that date and then choose another. Or send a message through the "Contact Us" page of this site to notify us. However, if you miss a session date without prior notice, you will be charged our normal portrait session sitting fee when you do later come in for an Eagle Scout Portrait session.

Preparation Questions

Q:  Do I really need to shave before having my portrait made?
A:  Actually, no. However, you should remember that this photo will be displayed on the council Wall of Honor for thousands to see. What impression do you want all those people to have of you? Also, your parents and grandparents are extremely proud of your achievement. Consequently, this portrait will probably be hanging in prominent locations in their homes for decades. Will that 5 minutes you save by not shaving appear as such a good idea after you, your relatives, your future wife and children, etc. have seen this portrait hundreds of times. Will their impression be one of pride or question why you looked so scruffy as a teenager? I have nothing against beards. In fact, I've had a beard for decades. If you have a beard, great! Leave it on. However, a 3-4 day growth isn't a beard, it's just messy. And even if you are still at that "peach fuzz" stage, it will still be noticeable in your portrait. Unless you have a real beard, everyone should shave before their portrait session.
Q:  You don't yet have an Eagle patch on your uniform. Can one be retouched in?
A:  While yes, we can retouch an Eagle patch onto your uniform in a portrait, there is a $25 fee for doing this. It is better (and less expensive) to put that Eagle patch on before you come to the studio. If you don't want to sew it permanently on yet, you can always attach it with double sided tape or staples (I'm partial to staples myself). You are officially an Eagle Scout when the confirming paperwork comes back to the council from the National HQ, usually about 10 days after your Board of Review. At that point you are officially an Eagle Scout and qualified to wear the Eagle patch. Some troops by tradition don't have their Scouts wear the patch until after their Court of Honor. That is their choice. However, looking at the Board of Review dates of Scouts who come in for Eagle portraits, about 99.5% are completely qualified to wear an Eagle patch.

Portrait Session Questions

Q:  What happens if I arrive late?
A:  We typically schedule a lot of portrait sessions for Eagle Scout days. There is a period of about ten minutes devoted to shooting images of you. If you are late, either we will have to shoot your sessions in less time or you will have to wait until the next open time slot. We will not move other sessions back for one person who arrives late. On light days you may only have to wait a few minutes before we can get to you. However, on busy days you may have to wait several hours.
Q:  Do I need to bring my own neckerchief and slide?
A:  No, we have an Eagle neckerchief and slide to use for your portrait. You can use your own neckerchief if you prefer. However, you do need to bring your merit badge sash. You will NOT need your Order of the Arrow sash.
Q:  Should I wear my Eagle medal along with my Eagle patch?
A:  This is one of the more difficult questions since there is no right answer. In November 2014 Scouting Magazine published an article that said, "In most instances, the Eagle patch and the medal should not be worn at the same time; however, on special occasions, such as courts of honor or special banquets, it would be considered appropriate." So, for a portrait, the answer would be however you are most comfortable. While most Eagle Scouts do wear an Eagle medal for their portrait, more than a third do not.
Q:  Can I take a photo of my Scout with my own camera/phone while he is in your camera room using your backdrop and lighting?
A:  No. We work under a very tight schedule often shooting more than 30 portraits in one day. There is just no time to interfere with our workflow. Additionally, the background we use is unique to these Eagle portraits and is part of our branding. Consequently, we do not allow other photographers whose work might have a significantly different look than ours to use our background. Please don't ask.
Q:  While we are at your studio, can you take a photo of my multiple Scouts, family, father and son, Scout and Scoutmaster, etc.?
A:  No ... and yes. On Eagle Scout Portrait days there is a steady stream of Eagle Scouts coming in for portraits. The schedule is typically pretty tight. Also, the lighting arrangement is specifically optimized to make the best possible portrait of a single person. Putting a second or third person in the portrait requires rearranging the lights ... and then rearranging them back again for the next person. There is just no time to do this and make great quality portraits of everyone. HOWEVER, you can book a private portrait session on almost any other day and you can be accommodated. Whether it is making portraits of one person with multiple wardrobes and/or background changes or of multiple people, shooting in the studio or on location, we can accommodate your requirements. There is a charge for these private sessions with the amount depending upon the number of people to be included in the portrait and whether in studio or on location.
Q:  Can I buy only an 8x10" print for the "Add-on" price ... or get a "discount"?
A:  Simply ... no. Pricing is based upon anyone purchasing prints to buy a package. If they want additional prints, only then is the "add-on" price applicable. Do you have to take the entire package? No, however, you will still pay the package price as a minimum.
As far as discounts go, Eagle Scouts are already getting a huge discount. Massive, in fact. For all of our regular clients, the minimum price they pay would be at least $65 for the portrait session plus, as an example, $190 for each 8x10" print they purchase. And there are no discounts from those rates either. Additionally, for the Eagle Scouts we provide two 5x7" mounted prints for the council Walls of Honor and send the portrait and Eagle Scout profile information to the Dallas Morning News. So, please don't ask for more. You already know the answer.

Follow-up Questions

Q:  If I buy portrait prints or invitation cards, when will I receive them?
A:  If you order one of the "Basic" packages (no retouching), you will be able to walk out the door with your prints in hand. If you order one of the "Premium" packages (facial complexion retouching included), the portrait prints/canvases/etc. will be shipped to you typically via UPS or FedEx. They should arrive in about two to three weeks after the session date. If you order a portrait with a custom frame, they will be available for pick-up at the studio typically about 3 weeks after the portrait session.
Q:  Can I stop by the studio to pick up my order?
A:  The answer to this is both yes and no. First, other than the "Basic Packages" that are not retouched, have a maximum size of 8x10", and are printed at the time of the portrait session, all other products are produced by professional photofinishing labs. Depending upon what has been ordered, I use both local and out of state labs. The digital images are sent to the labs via the Internet, and the prints are sent out via either FedEx Ground or UPS. They are typically sent directly from the lab to the client. Whether they are sent to you the client or to me, the shipping charge from the labs is the same. I am only in my studio when I have a photo session scheduled in the studio, which is typically only a few times per month. So, yes you can stop by the studio to pick up your order. However, that may delay you receiving your order by anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks. I work on getting images submitted for printing as soon as possible. The labs take a couple of days to manufacture, depending upon the product, and shipping us usually another couple of days. 
Q:  Can I obtain "proof" prints or files?
A:  The only proofs available are those we display to you at the time of the portrait session on a large screen monitor. Given that our Eagle Scout portraits are done as a service to Eagle Scouts and their families and are priced at about one-third of our regular pricing, to maintain both high quality and the low pricing, all ancillary services such as post-session proofs have been eliminated from this program. Any of your family members who want to be involved in choosing a particular image for purchase should attend the portrait session. Please do not ask to use your phone to take photos of the unretouched images shown on our in-studio monitor. The answer will be no.
Q:  Are COH invitations with my Eagle portrait on them available for purchase?
A:  We can provide a wide range of photographic products using your Eagle portrait. These items will be added to our product list as the demand arises. If there is something specific in which you are interested, let us know before your photo session day and we will have pricing and availability for you during your session. The range of products available is endless and includes things like:
  • Water bottles
  • Luggage tags
  • Clipboards
  • T-shirts
  • Blankets and rugs
  • Wall clings
  • Coffee mugs
  • and on and on
Q:  Will you provide copies of the digital image files?
A:  No and Yes. Read our complete explanation on the I Believe page. But the short answer is that high-resolution digital files are not available.No. First, because our reputation as a photographer is based upon how our past images appear. We work with only the highest quality professional photofinishing labs to achieve excellent quality for our clients. A print made at a drug store will have inferiour quality and reflect badly on us. Second, we make these portraits and provide them to Circle Ten Council and the Dallas Morning News at no cost to anyone and do not require anyone to buy anything. Our only income is from the prints, invitations, and other photogaphic products our subjects decide to buy.
Q:  When will the announcement and photo of my son appear in the Dallas Morning News?
A:  In the past we have done two Eagle Scout portrait sessions each month and sent the information and photos into the DMN once each month after the second photo session. Once the DMN receives the submission, we no longer have any control over what they do with them or even any information about when they might be published. Additionally, the local Circle Ten Council has no control over or information about when these announcements might run. The DMN says that they run these submissions in the order they are received. Currently, they appear to be running three new Eagle Scout announcements in the Metro section each Sunday along with three Girl Scout Gold Award recipients. Occasionally they will run a page with 48 Eagle Scouts to try to catch up, however, they have done this only twice in the past four years.
DMN Example of Eagle Scout Postings
The Dallas Morning News says that they don't run any announcements without talking with the Scouts' parents first. Consequently, if you haven't heard from the DMN by phone, you haven't missed your son's announcement in the paper. Also, they have recently started to send out email notifications when an Eagle's announcement is about to run. It typically takes several months after submission before an announcement is run. As a frame of historical reference, in a phone conversation with the DMN in September 2018, they said that they currently running Eagle Scout notices received the beginning of this year. It is probably reasonable to consider a more than 6-month delay between submission and publication as normal for the DMN at this point. Eagle.Photography has no influence on this timing after we send in the submission, nor do we have any insight or knowledge of when a specific Eagle Scout's information will be published. We also suggest you NOT contact the DMN about when a specific Scout's announcement will run. Although you are only one person, there are hundreds of parents who are sending in these announcements (either themselves or through Eagle.Photography). If a large number of people start querying the DMN for timing and consequently start using up a large amount of their time in handling these questions, given that these announcements are non-revenue generating for them, there is a good chance they will just stop running them. So, please be patient with the DMN. They will run your Eagle Scout announcement.
(Update on February 11, 2019: In the page of the Eagle Scout announcements run in this day's DMN Metro section were Eagle Scout portraits taken between January 28, 2017, and March 17, 2018. Two-thirds were from November & December 2017. While there are 29 portraits I made on this page, in this period I submitted about 150. Each announcement was submitted shortly after the portrait was made. The DMN chooses when to run these announcements.)
This answer contains the totality of information that Eagle.Photography, Circle Ten Council, or BSA has about when any individual Scout's announcement might run.
Q:  Can you submit the Eagle Scout announcement to newspapers in addition to the Dallas Morning News?
A:  Sure, not a problem. However, given the dozens of local newspapers in northeast Texas, I can't possibly know all of the correct people to whom the announcements should be submitted. So, if you can just send the name of the paper and the exact email address to which the information should be sent, I will quickly send them the same announcement and photo that I normally submit to the Dallas Morning News.



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