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Why Come to Eagle.Photography for your Eagle Scout's Portrait?


Everyone has a camera today, everything from a camera in your phone to a multi-thousand dollar digital Single Lens Reflex camera that anyone can own today. So, if you already have a camera, why come to Eagle.Photography for a formal portrait of your Eagle Scout? There are two reasons.

First and formost, a portriat is not made by a camera, it is made by the interaction of the two people on either side of the camera, and in most cases controlled by the person behind the camera. Just as owning a pencil does not make one a poet, and owning a better, more expensive pencil or pen doesn't make one a better poet, the camera has little to do with the quality of the final portrait. It is the knowledge and experience of the photographer in drawing a great expression out of the subject, lighting the subject well, composing the shot appropriately, exposing it properly, performer great post-production on the image, and choosing a quality, professional lab to make the final print.

This reprint from a recent Sunday editon of the Dallas Morning News provides an good example. Image quality reproduction on newsprint is notoriously difficult. These four Eagle Scouts submitted their information and a protrait to the DMN. Only one of these was submitted for them by Eagle.Photography ... obviously, the one on

the far right. Earning the rank of Eagle is one of the true high points in a boy's life. It is important that when this achievement is published that the Scout look great ... not merely barely recognizable.

Second, Eagle.Photography produces the mounted portraits of new Eagle Scouts that Circle Ten Council proudly displays on the Honor Walls at each of its Scouting Centers. The portraits on the Honor Wall, in addition to a great portrait of the new Eagle Scout, contains the Scout's name, unit number, and home town. Everyone walking into a Scouting Center sees these New Eagle Scouts upon entering.

Additionally, we can produce a great portrait of your Scout that you will be proud to see every time you walk past it ... and will be proud for others to see. We can produce the portraits in sizes from small wallet-size prints up through 30" x 40" wall portraits (or larger) on paper, canvas, or aluminum and can frame the protrait appropriately. We can even turn the portrait into a porcalin Christmas tree ornament that will be hung proudly on your tree for years ... or the Scout's grandparents' trees.