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While your Scout has defintely done a prodigious amount of work to earn the rank of Eagle, you are well aware that the rest of your family was also involved. From signing up for that first Cub Scout meeting, helping carve a pinewood derby car, attending Scout campouts, to planning the Court of Honor, you also should be celebrated for your Scout's achievement. Therefore, a family portrait for your wall is a great way to immortalize the pride of achievement in which you all celebrate ... and should long remember with joy.

StephenShore.Photography can make a family portrait that can be any combination of family members whether siblilngs only, the Eagle Scout and parent(s), or all family members.

The prices for family portraits are at the same rate as are changed for all of our clients. Only the portraits of the new Eagle Scout receive our greatly discounted rates for purchase of prints as a special gift.

The family portraits will require a bit more time than the Eagle Scout only portraits. Therefore, contact us and we can arrange a time that is convenient for all.