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Photographic Products Available

There is absolutely no requirement that any purchase be made when your Eagle Scout portrait is made. This portrait for inclusion in the Circle Ten Council Scouting Centers "Walls of Honor" is our gift to you. However, should you wish to buy copies of your portrait, we have several different products available for purchase starting with a basic package at $60 and progressing to printed invitations, larger framed portraits, or prints on canvas or metal with package prices progressing to over $400. Add-ons may also be included with these packages for individual prints.

All of these products are priced specifically for only these Eagle Scout Portrait sessions, are lower than our normal prices, and are set based upon the order being placed during the session after the portrait is taken and the favorite image chosen. Consequently, if you are interested in buying prints, please look at the lobby samples before your photo session and be prepared to make your decisions on products. Should you have questions, we will be happy to answer them.

The packages are available in two categories: "Basic" packages are optimized for exposure and color while "Premium" packages are polished to optimize the skin tone and complexion of the Scout and remove any stray hairs or clothing stains.

Resin Prints

All resin prints are on archival stock and with proper care should maintain their look throughout the life of the Scout's grandchildren. Sizes available are:

  • Wallet size
  • 5x7"
  • 8x10"
  • 11x14"
  • 16x20"
  • 20x24"
  • 24x30"

Canvas Prints

The photo can be transferred to canvas. These give the portrait the look of a painting with the canvas surface and are available in 11x14", 16x20", and larger sizes.

Metal Prints

The portrait can be printed on a special glossy aluminum metal surface that seems to give an "inner glow" to the portrait. These are very stable prints and can easily be cleaned with the wipe of a cloth. They are available as both 11x14", 16x20", and larger wall portraits and as metal "StandUps" where the 5x7" metal portrait is held vertically by a clear lucite base. The StandUps can have photos on both sides of the metal.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree OrnamentYour Eagle Scout portrait transferred onto a 2.3125" x 3.25" oval porcelain Christmas tree ornament. The portrait is printed on both sides of this white glazed porcelain oval and comes with a black velvet bag and red ribbon for hanging from the tree. More Info and Ordering.


We take special pains to make sure that any framed print will continue to look great on your wall for many years. The prints are first mounted to styrene, a chemically inert rigid material that will never interfere with the color of the print or warp. Next, a clear coating is applied to the surface of the print that will protect it from not only fingerprints, but also both moisture and UV radiation, both of which could cause the portrait colors to fade. The print is then installed in a custom made frame. We have three stand frame types from which to choose. Then to take special care of the portrait, instead installing a wire from which to hand the print, we use kevlar which is both stronger and safer. Finally, we put small rubber bumpers at each of the four corners so that you will never damage a wall with the framed portrait and the chance of movement will be lowered.

Court of Honor Invitations

Press printed invitations are available as either flat cards or folded cards in either 4x5.5" or 5x7" size. They are available in quantities of 10 each. Pricing is based upon a set-up fee plus a price for each package of 10 ordered.

Special Requests

The range of items that can be turned into photographs these days is extremely extensive. However, these Eagle Scout photo sessions are designed to be able to serve as many Scouts in a day as possible. Therefore, we can't get into extended conversations during the Eagle Scout portrait days on assorted possible products. However, if there is something in which you are interested, please send a request via email and we will try to statisfy your needs. If you are interested in putting your Eagle Scout's portrait on a water bottle, luggage tags, pendents, cell phone case, Christmas tree ornament, coffee cups, t-shirts, playing cards, whatever, we will find a way to make it happen for you.

Samples of these products are on display in the lobby of our studio. Prices are subject to change without notice.